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Better than that

I love the honesty of small children. The raw emotion of it all. If they want need to throw a temper tantrum in the middle of the mall at Christmas time┬ábecause their shoes are way too tight, they do. If they are scared of a new situation or person and do not want their parent […]

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Older, Wiser or Lazy???

My son wore dirty underwear today. The older two boys would like for me to clarify that I am referring to the three-year-old, Caleb. I would like to tell you that he wore dirty underwear because we were told to evacuate our home due to an impending landslide or something of the sort, and we […]

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Love people in carline?

As I sat in the carline from hell yesterday (don’t judge me — if you have EVER in your life lived through the first-week-of-school-carline-madness, you know this is the only appropriate adjective), I composed a blog in my head. I was 25 cars back from the turn that takes you into the parking lot. As […]

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