Love people in carline?

As I sat in the carline from hell yesterday (don’t judge me — if you have EVER in your life lived through the first-week-of-school-carline-madness, you know this is the only appropriate adjective), I composed a blog in my head. I was 25 cars back from the turn that takes you into the parking lot. As I glanced across the field, I noticed my number one pet peeve of carline. The “left-turners”.

The usual rant in my head proceeded:

“I suppose they are wayyy to important to wait in line like the rest of us”

“I actually went out of my way and turned around to get in the back of the line to follow the rules.”

Because I’m oh so awesome. Or so I thought.

Then I remembered this little conversation from the first day of school with my dear friend Kalyn. She’s always good for a dose of reality and conviction.

Again, I am not a nice person. I’m sorry about the language. I must be real, though.kalyn


Well, crap. I then began to hear our pastor’s sermon from Sunday resounding in my head. “Love people, love people, love people”. I actually found myself thinking, “They aren’t people. They are traffic.”

But they aren’t just traffic. As much as I wish they were some sort of new Knight Rider vehicles that drove themselves, they are not. They are people, just trying to pick up their kids. At the school in which our church currently is meeting. Oh the irony.

So, I would like to say that I let a car in with a lovely, Christ-like smile on my face and said “Bless you my sister”. I did not.

I did let her in, but I gave her my annoyed wave forward. She may not have known I was irritated, but I did. Like a little kid saying I’m sorry to her sibling, but not meaning it at all. I was defiant against the Holy Spirit and I felt the conviction for another day.

I am going to pick the boys up in a few minutes (more like an hour with the way carline is). I am promising that I will have a sweet spirit. I hope.

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