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Amazon made my day today and it’s kind of sad.

Middle age is strange. On one hand it is glorious. My children no longer require me to constantly stare at them to make sure they are still breathing when they sleep. They are capable of making their own breakfast so we can sleep late on the weekends. We can all ride the same roller coasters. […]

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Sleep Disturbance

I wish I wrote more often, but it can get so difficult trying to figure out what to write about. I mean, I have PLENTY to say, but I’m not sure anyone really wants to read that. Then, sometimes a blog just drops in my lap at 2:42 AM. Eric and I went to bed […]

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Kids (and husband) at home and social distancing: Blog two

Like everyone else, I am spending an enormous amount of time at home. Unlike most people, this isn’t too different for me — except not going to work every day. In normal life, I get home in the afternoon and don’t really venture out unless one of the kids requires transportation somewhere. Yesterday I decided […]

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