Hot Topic: My pretend shopping spree


Disclaimer: I am accutely aware that this weeks hot topic may not amuse the masses as much as it amused me. I promise that next week we will get back to solving the problems of the world. We just needed some fluff this week.

I must admit, I have been super excited about this blog all week. Two nights ago I ventured out to do some blog research with my mom. As we were walking around Target she said “This is pitiful. One hundred dollars is not enough for you”. Amen sister. There was a reason we were conducting our research at Target and not Dillards. So, I methodically made my way through the store, department to department, taking pictures of my desirable items and the price tags. It was surprisingly fun. Not as fun as purchasing the items, but fun still.


 So, down to business. I knew from the time we  decided to pretend to shop what I would get. A beautiful new comforter I have wanted for what seems like a lifetime. In fact, I have secretly regretted getting the one I purchased about 4 months ago instead of this one. I knew it was already on clearance (in real life) so it was like a sign from the Heavens. “Pretend to buy the comforter, Rin”. So I did. 69.99 down and 30.01 to go. My mother was right about $100 not being enough.



I kicked around the idea of buying a new outfit instead of the comforter, but I still have about 5 pounds of baby weight to lose and then there’s the rest of the non-pregnancy weight and I just didn’t feel like having a meltdown during my fun trip. This was not the time or the place for that. So onward to the shoes. Shoes because shoes always fit. No matter how fat I may be, shoes are always cute and flattering. In light of that statement, I find it ironic that I opted for these – a bargain at 12.99.  Perhaps they are not flattering, but they are comfortable. (Yes What Not to Wear watchers, I just said that. In my defense, I do have a lovely selection of non-comfortable yet gorgeous heels and I do not plan on fake wearing these outside my fake house.)

The next item would be a pink silicon skin to go over my Otter Box. When I got my iPhone, they were not making pink ones yet. Only blue, red and black. Of course, two months later there they were. All these beautiful girlie colors and here I was, the mother of 3 boys, with a BLUE cell phone cover. No, not the end of the world, but I do like to make pink as much a part of my life as I can. While I am so grateful to not have to buy pink for my children, I like to buy it for myself whenever possible. There you go. $13.55 with free shipping on ebay.

And that was it. Three completely frivilous items that amounted to $96.53. I did not count tax into my total because it was my pretend shopping spree and this was fun and taxes ruin fun. With the remaining 3.47  I can now go get a coffee at Cassils. (Yes, I am aware Cassils no longer exists. Remember, this is Rin-world and my favorite coffee is still alive and well here.)

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