A hundred bucks and a challenge to NOT buy books

The challenge is this: Spend $100 on myself. (Yes, this opportunity is fiction).

If I have $100 to spend all on myself, I can honestly say that my spending would relate to my current interests. My interests generally fall within two Trivial Pursuit categories: arts and literature, and sports and leisure.

When Rin developed the topic, she said we could only spend money on ourselves. In all honesty — and I’m not trying to sound like Father of the Year — it seems that any time we actually have a few extra bucks, it goes to the kids or family time. So, to have it all for me and only for me, is a challenge.

I’m a fan of books, movies, music, the outdoors, camping, fishing, baseball, football, golf — and eating.

Rin was correct when she wrote in an earlier post that I’d probably buy books. I love to read. I love to escape through reading. I love to learn through reading. And, of course, reading makes you a better writer. (I will write that novel one day!)

So, the challenge to myself for this post is to NOT buy books. Let’s see if I can do it.


Over the past year, I’ve been catching on to jazz. One of the artists who has caught my ear is Dinah Washington. I’ve been wanting to buy a Dinah Washington CD for some time. So, I will break down and buy: The Best of Dinah Washington: 20th Century Masters: Millennium Collection. This gives me an introductory lesson in “Miss D” and I can buy her original albums later.

Total: $9.


Since I’m able to get movies on Netflix, I don’t buy many movies anymore. However, I’ve been wanting to replace all of our VHS classics with DVDs. I’ve always kept from upgrading because I thought it was useless to have a VHS copy and a DVD of the same movie. But I’m ready to make the leap. Movies I need in my DVD collection include:

  • National Lampoon’s Vacation — $5
  • Fletch — $5
  • Major League — $5
  • Field of Dreams — $10
  • And Then There Were None — $10
  • Pete’s Dragon — $13

Total on Ebay: $48



Here’s where it could get tricky. This is where I’m tempted to take the remaining $43 and go play golf — at a cheap course. But, since we just moved to Texas, I haven’t really met anyone who I could call up and say, “Let’s play golf!” So, I’ll scrap golf at this time.


Well, the only team I’ve ever spent money on is the St. Louis Cardinals. Just moved to Texas, so there’s little opportunity to see them play. They are coming to Houston to play the Astros at the end of ¬†September. But I’d have to take Michael out of school, and I’m supposed to just spend this on myself — so, it looks like baseball is out.


I have just enough left for a ticket (and some change) to a Baylor game. But I don’t want to go by myself. And I don’t think I’m heading to see the Cowboys play anytime soon.


Ah, I love to fish. And if I can ever find time to go, I’d love to go. But there’s no time to go by myself. And if I did, it wouldn’t cost much — only in gas, maybe. Plus, I like to fish with my kids. So, no fishing.


Here’s a possibility. I’ve been thinking of buying a backpack and getting back into hiking. But the packs I’ve seen cost more than what I have left over. And again, I’m probably not going to camp by myself. No time to do it. And it wouldn’t be fair to go without one or more of the boys.


I can definitely eat. And living in Texas, I’ve decided to become an expert on Texas BBQ. I’d love to have a smoker and to learn that great art. But, alas, it costs more than $100 — and I don’t have my own house yet. Also, I don’t like to eat alone. So, my food money will be spent only with family.

What does that leave me with?

It leaves me with this: I’m weak. My wife is right.

Sadly, my only real option is to buy my beloved books. And with the Nook that Rin bought me last Christmas, I can get new books for about $10.

So, I guess I’ll take that money and get four or five Nook books — and when I can find the time to read, I’ll enjoy every minute of it!

Don’t forget to read Rin’s post for this week’s topic. I’m sure it’s enlightening.



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