Dave: A new four letter word

Dave Ramsey. The first word that comes to my mind when I hear his name is a curse word. Actually, the first 10 or so words are not really flattering, so I will go with tyrannical. That’s what I think of. “Well, Rin, someone just isn’t doing his plan right if that’s what you think”.  Malarkey. Mr. Ramsey himself said that there are two types of people….nerds and free spirits. In the world of Dave, I’m the free spirit.

This came as quite a shock to me, since I’m totally a control freak. I would never characterize myself as a free spirit.  I don’t like messes and I hate not having a plan. But, as it turns out, I dislike even more coming up with the plan. Just tell me where we are going and what time to be there. In Ramseyworld, the free spirit is the one that says, “just give me my allowance and I’ll go with it”. That’s me.

Ask Ric, I’m terrible at bookkeeping. Terrible. So, he decided to go through the Financial Peace University and we decided we were going to get out of debt. We didn’t have much, but we decided to tackle it anyway. We would be free, doggone it. WOOOO HOOOOO, we were going to shout on the radio show – how awesome and simple. I can use cash.

Then came the first time we got asked out to eat after church by some friends.

US: “Well, we don’t have anymore money in the entertainment envelope.”

FRIENDS: “What are you talking about”

US: “We are on a budget now, we cannot go”

Friends walk away snickering.

It’s not just the lack of socializing that  can get annoying. What about needing new shoes…..OK, wanting new shoes. Oh crap. The clothing envelope is empty. Well, my kids don’t have to eat this week. I’ll just take it from the grocery money. What kind of mother does that??? So, no gorgeous strappy sandals for me.

Yes, Mr. Ramsey’s principles are “wonderful, balanced, AWESOME (I can barely type that one), freedom, smart and life-changing”. Or so said a handful of facebook friends. I asked my friends what word came up when they thought of Dave.  Apparently the ones who feel like I do are scarce. Noone put “tyrannical or overbearing or overzealous or impractical for a family of 5 living on a one-income budget”.

So, I concede. Ric wins this round. He LOVES Dave. I love that we don’t dread balancing the checkbook because we use all cash now. I don’t love that I cannot just go to the mall and buy a whole new wardrobe on Bank of America. I do love that he makes the plan, I give my obligatory change or two to the budget, then I get my cash for groceries, hair, gas, etc. and it’s all on him.  I also love that it makes him happy.   He likes to have a plan also, and it gives him peace of mind to “tackle that debt”. So, what I guess it all comes down to is, I need an extra birthday during the year so I can have cute summer clothes courtesy of my loved ones.

Read what Ric has to say about Dave Ramsey.

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