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Hot topic: Things I learned the first year I was married

Ric and I got married 10 months after meeting. I am an only child and he was raised an only child. When we met one of us was an Independent Fundamental Baptist. The other was a hard-core Roman Catholic. I drank Coke, he drank Pepsi, amongst other things. It seemed we were doomed from the […]

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Hot Topic: Why I do not eat carcass

I could cite many reasons that I do not eat meat. I could tell you the terrible things that happen in slaughter houses. I do not use that as an argument because unlike many other vegetarians, I have deliberately chosen not to research that subject. I don’t want to know.  I could tell you I […]

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Quitting meat — cold turkey

A few years ago, Rin hit me with something from which I’ve never fully recovered. “I think I’m going to be a vegetarian,” she said. I thought it was a phase. My wife who loved cheeseburgers, valued the perfect steak, ate bacon with abandon, demanded ham at Thanksgiving, and indulged in my pork steaks, decided […]

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