Not really a chick flick kinda guy

Rin and I don’t always mesh when it comes to TV viewing pleasures.


When we first met, she was addicted — ADDICTED! — to Friends. While I do find myself laughing at one of the Matts now and then, I can’t watch the show for any real length of time. In fact, I don’t understand how the show’s creators were able to get 10 seasons out of “Will Ross and Rachel get together?” The real accomplishment of that show was their ability to convince us that Rachel thought Ross was a desirable guy. Talk about a whiny wimp. He was really the fourth girl on the show and didn’t know it. I can’t stomach much with David Schwimmer in it anymore.

Grey’s Anatomy

Rin literally got mad at me while we watched this show together. It’s really not a bad show, but if you miss a few weeks, you can’t remember who slept with who, who’s a ghost, what’s a flashback, who’s the chief of surgery, or whether it’s McDreamy or McSteamy who impregnated the lesbian nurse. She hated when I asked all the questions. She really got mad at me after the guy who played George announced he was gay and I told her I could no longer buy it when he was trying to sleep with the lady doctors.

Rin: “He’s in love with Izzie.”

Ric: “But he’s gay.”

Rin: “In real life, you dork; but on the show, he likes women.”

Ric: “But he’s gay.”

Rin: “You can be gay and play a straight guy on TV. In the show, he’s straight.”

Ric: “Gay.”

Rin: “I HATE you. Get OUT!”

John and Kate Make Eight

Stupidest show ever. But Rin loved every “real” minute of it. She once asked me why I didn’t like it. I told her I didn’t like to watch something I could see in my own living room — kids running around and parents going crazy. When the show went under and John and Kate filed for divorce, I gently told Rin that she — my wife — caused the divorce.

Rin: “How did I cause the divorce?”

Ric: “You and all the other people who tuned in made these people think they were cool. You were using them, laughing at their chaos. Now the fame went to their heads and they’re breaking up. Because of you.

Rin: “Shut up.”

(But Rin did get to buy the Kate wig for Halloween. I guess that made it all worthwhile.)


Rin and I don’t do well when it comes to renting movies.

Rin often says hell will be a movie rental store. That sentiment has probably evolved to now include Netflix. It takes FOREVER to find something we both like. Usually, one of us just gives in when exhaustion sets in. Rin likes chick flicks, those romantic comedies with all the original story lines. (That’s sarcasm.) The problem with chick flicks is not as much their story lines but more of Rin’s inability to stay awake during them. Yes, you read right. HER! She makes me rent these movies and then SHE falls asleep. Her snoring usually comes in at the movie’s halfway mark. By that time, an hour of my life has been wasted and I end up sitting through the rest of the thing to see the ending — so I can update her in the morning.

Sometimes we get it right.

Despite our differences, sometimes we’re on the same page. We enjoy Criminal Minds and our new comedy favorite is Modern Family. Hilarious show. Cam and Mitchell, and Phil and Claire, crack me up. And my wife does love a good mob movie. She often quotes The Godfather, and sometimes she calls me Fredo. It’s cool.

We enjoy Star Wars (the original three) and Vacation movies. One of our favorite movies is About A Boy. This maybe could be classified as a chick flick. Hugh Grant is funny and we watch this when we need a good laugh — especially when it’s been one of those “Dead Duck days.” Here’s a scene from About A Boy that you might find funny. We do:

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