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I hate the word technology. It sounds boring. It makes me think of sitting in a conference room, listening to someone drone on and on about how we can utilize technology to reach the masses for whatever our cause may be. It really is kind of ironic because technology is fun, it’s just that the word does not conjure up fun thoughts for me. So, I am going to do my best to come up with non-boring synonyms. They may be ridiculous, but at least they won’t make me yawn.

My favorite modern marvel is my iPhone. I heart it. It is so handy and fun and convenient and fun and helpful and fun. It has gotten me out of many a precarious situation. The little blue dot has never failed to get me to my destination, although it often takes the long way. I always have a camera handy and thus always have pictures of my children available. I can play the piano and guitar, one of which I am completely clueless about in real life. One of my favorite apps is my Strongs Concordance. Yes, I’m a huge nerd, but anyone who went to BBC before the world wide web will appreciate this one. Oh the tedious work of a word study. The books, the looking up, the never-ending list of words to translate from the Greek, all gone with the iPhone. Just touch the word and there is the original word, it’s meaning and even pronunciation.

My husband has not carried a phone for seven years. Seven. He would borrow my phone on business trips, which did not work out well. He finally gave in and got a phone because of his long commute for the new job.  We would now be part of the new millenium and be a couple that texted!  We  had never done that because the last time he carried a phone, texting wasn’t even around. How fun this  was going to be!!! I took him to the store and tried to show him different phones that would make texting easier. His reply? “This is only for emergencies, I don’t text.”  Yeah, neither did I a year ago. I was crushed. He picked out a cute little slider phone, with old school texting capabilities and was happy.

Until yesterday. Here is an excerpt of our texting conversation:

This is my husband. We did not even own a flat screen tv until June of this year. He finally is starting to enjoy all the fun those new fangled toys out there. He now has an iPod touch and a Nook. He even went berserk and bought a blue ray thing that connects to Netflix. We are big time now, people. Before you know it, we will own a Wii.

I have always enjoyed our “simplified” life to a certain extent. Not having an answering machine or voicemail has it’s perks. We didn’t have caller id or call waiting on our home phone for years. It was just in the past three months we have made some major advancements in the world of electronics. It has been fun and frankly, I’m eternally grateful to the Nook for allowing us to own 5000 books without taking over all our living space. It probably is the best invention ever. Next to my iPhone.



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