Hot topic: Appropriate goodbyes for a first date

This week my spouse and I will discuss what we deem to be an appropriate adieu for a successful first date. By successful we mean g-rated good times were had by all. You know you want to see this person again so how do you try to impress them at that all-important last moment? Do you give her the side hug? Do you kiss him on the cheek? How about  a quick “thanks” with a handshake? That should wow her into a second date. As you guessed, there is a back story to this….would it be us if there were not? Tune in Friday to check it out.
ALSO………..we are open to suggestions for hot topic ideas. Our own eccentricities are amusing in their own right, but we are confident many of you have your own. Share them and we will add them to our pool of ideas. Imagine your joy should your idea be picked!

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