Was Jesus a Socialist?

I recently heard someone say: Jesus was a socialist.

Some campaign buzzwords and phrases that have been used these past four-plus years include “socialism” and “share the wealth.” Most of the time, these words and phrases are linked to attacks on President Obama.

Republican talking heads do all they can to cast the president in a negative light when it comes to universal health care and the beefing up of  government-run programs such as welfare, food stamps, etc. to care for the poor.

At the National Prayer Breakfast, the president tried to use a “What would Jesus do?” theme as a tactic to advance his political objectives.

In light of this national discussion, I’ve actually had to challenge my Republican leanings and my Christian beliefs and ask myself: Was it Jesus’ desire for us to share our wealth with others and support them through the funnel of government? Continue reading “Was Jesus a Socialist?”