My Dream Super Bowl

Every December Eric and I discuss some of the goals we have for the new year. These are NOT resolutions. I break resolutions within 15 minutes of waking up the morning of January 1. The goals we discuss usually fall under the umbrella of a theme we have thought about for our family. Since this is my first post in as many months as it seems January has lasted, you can guess that one of my goals was to write again. Like not once for another 18 months, but on a regular basis. I realize this will limit my game playing time on my phone, but I am willing to make the sacrifice.

As anyone who has met me knows, I hate football. Like really hate it. I have tried to like it — I really have. It is just mind-numbingly ridiculous. Obviously, the Big Game is this weekend, and it just so happens that I am slightly interested in something more than the halftime show this year!

The year Eric and I got together the football team that was playing in St. Louis won the Super Bowl. I don’t really know how they did after that win, other than I know they did not win anymore Super Bowls. We lived in Springfield, MO a couple years later and most Ozarkians are Kansas City Chiefs fans. I thought it would be fun to irritate Eric by saying I loved the Chiefs anytime that he talked about the former St. Louis team.

I was right on two fronts. It DID irritate him, and it WAS fun!

Fast forward lots of years, three kids and a cross-country move, and the team that played in St. Louis evaporated into thin air. My boys were left without an NFL team for which to root. Eric posed the question, “What team should we support now?”

My answer was of course my beloved Chiefs. Because football.

This is where the story actually gets interesting. Ish.

Would you like to know what other team I chose?

The 49ers.

Why? Because I love San Francisco, of course!

So I basically predicted the 2020 Super Bowl a few years ago. I will be rooting for the Chiefs on Sunday because I have a ton more friends that like the Chiefs than I do friends who like the 49ers and this has to be the determining factor since the outfits they wear are similar.

So here. My first post of 2020 is about football. It may be my only post ever on this subject and I’m pretty sure everyone is ok with that.