Hot Topic: Why my private school is way better than your public school

I never went to public school a day in my life. My parents sent me to private school all the way from Kindergarten through high school. I even went to a private college. Probably because my parents loved me more than public school kids’ parents loved them. This is purely in jest, because I send my son to a public school, and I’m certain no parent could love their kids more.

The reason my mother wanted me to go to a private school did not start off as a deep religious conviction or even a wish for me to have a superior education. I was tall for my age. I prefer the term tall over big. Big has the connotation of pleasantly plump. I was on the plumpier side of things, but I was also tall. Back to the point. I have a late birthday and she did not want me to be going to Kindergarten at the ripe old age of 6 and then looking like the poor Amazon girl. So, she enrolled me in private kindergarten. Thus started my private school life.

Why do I love my experiences in private school so much? Let me enlighten you:

  • Not only did I learn about math, grammar, science and all that other mess, I learned Bible verses along with spelling words. I went to chapel and heard people talk about a Savior that loves me and you. We said the pledge to the American flag, followed by the pledges to the Christian flag and the Bible. We even sang applicable songs after each pledge (That may not have been fun for everyone, but I’ve always loved it).
  • I got to participate in Christmas programs where we actually were allowed to sing songs about the birth of Jesus. Insane, right? Likewise, “spring programs” were usually about Easter and Christ’s resurrection.
  • Because my school was smaller, I was able to participate in extra curricular activities I may not have had a chance at in a huge school.
  • I learned about the truth, but I also learned the theories out there that are not true. Our curriculum didn’t pretend there were no other ideas out there. We were taught about differing religions and scientific theories. I was able to see for myself the truth, thus making my faith stronger because I knew why I believed what I believe. Believe, believe, believe. How many times can I say that word?

These are a few reasons I feel my education was invaluable. My teachers prayed for me when my dad died, during their staff meeting. We prayed in class, for crying out loud. It gave me a foundation in my faith that cannot be taken away. Obviously, I do not think public schools are of the devil. I send my own firstborn child to one. We have been very blessed to have Christian teachers for him, Christian principals and even “Away in a Manger” sung at a holiday concert.

If I could afford private school for my children, I would send them in a heartbeat. I cannot, and that’s ok. After all, it is our responsibility to ground our children in the Word and teach them God’s truths. I feel that God has provided the schools my son attends/has attended and I am satisfied with that provision. I am confident he is getting a quality education at his public school and that is what is important.




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