What Not to Watch (with a boy)

Last Sunday afternoon Ric and I were relaxing while the kids took a nap. He started flipping channels and stopped on Alien vs. Predator. I honestly was surprised he stalled on the ridiculous movie, but he started watching it and really seemed to like it. I wasn’t paying too much attention, so I just thought “weird movie” and went on playing Temple Run. Every few minutes he would say, “Rin, watch this” or “oooo here is the history of the alien”.  I would nod and make a half-hearted “uh-huh, cool” Continue reading “What Not to Watch (with a boy)”

Pujols: Our family tradition

My wife sent me an email this morning that read: “I know this is stupid, but I’m still so sad about Pujols.”

I responded: “It’s not stupid. I’m sad too. In fact, I want to write about it.”

So here we go.

Ouf family loves Albert. When my oldest kid was 2 or 3, he made us call him Pujols. He wouldn’t answer to his real name, only Pujols. He wore a little baseball cap with the Number 5. He had a Pujols jersey. A poster of baseball’s best player donned his wall. Continue reading “Pujols: Our family tradition”

Breaking up is hard to do

Cardinal fans were dumped yesterday. We had an eleven year relationship with a person we thought was “the one”. We thought he cared more about us than he did a huge contract. We thought that because he said it.

“It’s not about the money every time. It’s about your family, uh you know, I’ve been blessed with $100 million which is more than what I deserve. It’s about being in the best city to play sports, you know not just baseball, sports at all. Our fans are the best.“
– Albert Pujols

I don’t know the ins and outs of what went on in his head. Continue reading “Breaking up is hard to do”