Hot Topic: A gripping goodbye

This debate has been going on for more than a decade.

Rin and I were set up and met on a blind date of sorts on Dec. 23, 1999. The two of us went to dinner at a sports bar with my dad and my little sister, who was 8 or 9 years old at the time. Not a typical first date – or at least not for me. When Rin left that night, I think I shook her hand or something like that.

The next night, Christmas Eve, fate brought us together again at my grandparents’ house in South St. Louis. This time, it was with half of my family – dad, step mom, brother, sister, grandparents, cousins, etc. Again, not typical. Kind of awkward. Not lots of time for any “just the two of us” moments where we could talk and get to know each other.

That night ended with a handshake, as well as my parting comment: “Have a safe trip.”

My wife has ridiculed me for the past 12 years over what she has deemed an inappropriate and flimsy farewell.

I must protest.

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I’m Losing It


I never really thought too much about it. I’ve always had a pretty thick head of it, although I’d been noticing some recession these past few years. I’d had some stray grays popping up since the day after our honeymoon (I’m not kidding), but Rin has told me it’s “distinguished” and “sexy.” So what’s a little gray and a little receding hairline compared to baldness — especially that baldness where there’s nothing on top and a nice thick ring of hair around the sides and the back?

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