Joseph’s “Get Up and Go” – a lesson for us dads

If ever there was a model for dads and stepdads, it’s Joseph — Jesus’ dad here on Earth.

Called a righteous man, Joseph was blessed with the “get up and go” gene.

Four times in the first two chapters of Matthew, we learn that Joseph — in obedience to God — “got up” and took decisive action.

But I’m sure it wasn’t always easy. Continue reading “Joseph’s “Get Up and Go” – a lesson for us dads”

Hot Topics (the engine to drive this site) exists so we  — Ric and Rin — can humor ourselves and share our thoughts (those deep and not-so-deep) with the online world by supplementing everything we don’t already tell you on Facebook. One of the things we’d like to do with this site is to address weekly Hot Topics. These topics will range from the big national-dialogue-type topics to the little-but-explosive household topics (those that drive every married couple nuts!).

We’ll attempt to name these topics on Monday and address the topic via separate his-and-her posts on Friday.

Our inaugural topic: BHT

Stay tuned. This one has been a grocery-list bombshell lately. Continue reading “Hot Topics (the engine to drive this site)”

Deep in the heart of Texas

Howdy, y’all! Did you notice my Texas accent? As a recent Lone
Star State transplant from the Show-Me State of Missouri, I’ve been told to avoid
the use of my preferred “you guys” in any sentence. The use of such words, the
advice goes, would surely label me a Yankee and mark me as an outsider in the land of bluebonnets. I can
honestly say that I’ve used both “you guys” and “y’all” and (so far) everyone
in the biggest state in the union has treated me with tremendous kindness. I’m
happy to be here. But why am I here? Continue reading “Deep in the heart of Texas”