So today was the last day of school for numbers one and two. Three has to go to his one-day-of-school-a-week all through summer and he is less than thrilled.   “I not go to school anymore! I  done too!”, he insists. I insist that he is going because mommy has to pay whether he is there or not.

I went in to get Evan from his class. I now know to go in as much as possible while they are still not embarrassed to see me. Continue reading “LDOS”

Just don’t do the laundry

I am exhausted and cranky tonight, yet I have set goals for myself this week and I feel the need to start this up. For the one-hundred-thousandth time. Whatever.

Today I had great plans to finish laundry and actually clean MY house. I have taken up a little side work cleaning houses and it makes me so sad when I walk into my house and there is toothpaste smeared all over the bathroom sink. And toilet. And ceiling. Continue reading “Just don’t do the laundry”