Not really a chick flick kinda guy

Rin and I don’t always mesh when it comes to TV viewing pleasures.


When we first met, she was addicted — ADDICTED! — to Friends. While I do find myself laughing at one of the Matts now and then, I can’t watch the show for any real length of time. In fact, I don’t understand how the show’s creators were able to get 10 seasons out of “Will Ross and Rachel get together?” The real accomplishment of that show was their ability to convince us that Rachel thought Ross was a desirable guy. Continue reading “Not really a chick flick kinda guy”

Hot Topic: Christmas Movies

My posts never look quite as good as Ric’s do. He always has some awesomely appropriate picture to compliment his post. I know if I were visiting the site I would read his posts before my own. Why? Because I love pretty packaging. So, when I decided to announce this week’s hot topic (which is pure fluff, by the way), I searched for a fun little photo to go along with it. I’m cool too, see. Well, as it turns out, I’m not. In fact, I’m pretty sure I will need to run a virus scan after my Google search for “Christmas movies pictures”. Continue reading “Hot Topic: Christmas Movies”

Ric’s Top Scary Movies — and a few stories

I love scary movies. Always have. Growing up, I’d stay up late, well after my parents went to bed, to watch something scary. When I was little, I’d catch late-night showings of Tales from the Darkside or reruns of The Twilight Zone.

I remember watching A Nightmare on Elm Street with my cousin when it first came out on video. That scene with Johnny Depp, where he’s pulled into the bed, and then the final scene when the mom is pulled through the little window in the door are frightening — or at least they were to a 7-year-old. Of course, such things often led to bad dreams. I remember a particular nightmare I had when I was five or six. I woke up in my bedroom to find every stuffed animal I had glaring at me. Each had razor sharp teeth dripping with saliva, ready to attack. Continue reading “Ric’s Top Scary Movies — and a few stories”