Hot topic: Things I learned the first year I was married

Ric and I got married 10 months after meeting. I am an only child and he was raised an only child. When we met one of us was an Independent Fundamental Baptist. The other was a hard-core Roman Catholic. I drank Coke, he drank Pepsi, amongst other things. It seemed we were doomed from the start. Somehow, in those short 10 months, we came together on the big stuff. Some of the smaller things took more time. The first year of our marriage was…………..interesting. It was hard. It was also rewarding and  fun. Continue reading “Hot topic: Things I learned the first year I was married”

Hot Topic: Why I do not eat carcass

I could cite many reasons that I do not eat meat. I could tell you the terrible things that happen in slaughter houses. I do not use that as an argument because unlike many other vegetarians, I have deliberately chosen not to research that subject. I don’t want to know.  I could tell you I stopped eating meat for the environment. I once heard a statistic that if everyone went meatless one day a week it would somehow cut down on global warming. Whatever. My reasons are purely selfish, nothing political or noble here. Continue reading “Hot Topic: Why I do not eat carcass”

Quitting meat — cold turkey

A few years ago, Rin hit me with something from which I’ve never fully recovered.

“I think I’m going to be a vegetarian,” she said.

I thought it was a phase. My wife who loved cheeseburgers, valued the perfect steak, ate bacon with abandon, demanded ham at Thanksgiving, and indulged in my pork steaks, decided to shun one of the four basic food groups — and cast aside a small, but terribly important, component of our relationship. We were carnivores! Continue reading “Quitting meat — cold turkey”