Coincidence? Probably not.

I promise I will be funny at some point. My original intent for this blog was not to be introspective, but funny.  Lately someone has had other plans for this platform. I am not the writer in this family, Ric is. So, in order to at least hold my own and not look like a complete imbecile, I rely on God to give me the words for my posts. I figure He is smarter than Ric and certainly smarter than me. Well, apparently He doesn’t feel the need for me to be funny right now. Apparently I have much growing up and learning to do, and the words He has given me have been quite serious. Not bad, in fact, they have been reassuring. Just not of the “Oh Rin, you are HI-LAR-I-OUS” variety that makes me feel oh so good.

So, I went to bed early last night while Ric decided to watch some sub-par selection on Netflix. As I crawled into bed with my phone I decided to do something novel. I decided to open up the Bible app on my phone and actually follow day 4 of my Bible study plan I started about 3 weeks ago (Yeah, we may address that later). As I was searching for said plan, I was feeling apprehensive about a couple upcoming events and the words of my favorite Psalm came to mind. Continue reading “Coincidence? Probably not.”

Joseph’s “Get Up and Go” – a lesson for us dads

If ever there was a model for dads and stepdads, it’s Joseph — Jesus’ dad here on Earth.

Called a righteous man, Joseph was blessed with the “get up and go” gene.

Four times in the first two chapters of Matthew, we learn that Joseph — in obedience to God — “got up” and took decisive action.

But I’m sure it wasn’t always easy. Continue reading “Joseph’s “Get Up and Go” – a lesson for us dads”

Hot Topics (the engine to drive this site) exists so we  — Ric and Rin — can humor ourselves and share our thoughts (those deep and not-so-deep) with the online world by supplementing everything we don’t already tell you on Facebook. One of the things we’d like to do with this site is to address weekly Hot Topics. These topics will range from the big national-dialogue-type topics to the little-but-explosive household topics (those that drive every married couple nuts!).

We’ll attempt to name these topics on Monday and address the topic via separate his-and-her posts on Friday.

Our inaugural topic: BHT

Stay tuned. This one has been a grocery-list bombshell lately. Continue reading “Hot Topics (the engine to drive this site)”