When people suck

Nearly eight years ago, Eric and I were hurt by someone. We were talking to a wise friend who told us something that we still remember to this day. “People will always disappoint you, but God never will.”

People do disappoint. We are mankind; it’s what we do. Continue reading

Why our family will not be shopping at Academy

As many of you know, our oldest son Michael is raising money — $30,000 —  to build a classroom for a school in Uganda. A couple months ago we hosted a silent auction to help with this endeavor.  It was a daunting task, and part of the deal was that we had to go to businesses around town asking for donations. Asking for stuff is never fun, but when it’s for an 11 year old kid to build a school in Africa, it’s not so bad. Continue reading

Things I have learned since having boys

I am an only child. I had all girl cousins until I was in 5th grade, and even after the boys were born, I didn’t hang out with them all that much. I knew very little about what little boys did until I had my own. I still don’t understand how they work, but I have learned a lot in the last 11 years. The following is just the tip of the iceberg, really:

  • Apparently there are “brands” of super heroes
  • Not all construction vehicles are called bulldozers Continue reading
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