What’s my house like?

Someone asked me yesterday, “So, what’s your house like with three sons?”

My answer? “Loud.”

Very, very loud.

This morning so many things were going on in the short two hours I have been awake.

Item one: We are getting ready to go somewhere. I had to yell over the Dude Perfect that was blaring from the TV for everyone to get ready. Thanks to the recent change in seasons, no one could find pants that fit. No one. My jeans must have shrunk since last season — they were making this terrible muffin top. Dumb dryer.

Evan came in wearing a pair of jeans that were size 14. He wears a 10. When I told him they were too big he proceeded to get another pair that fit better. Also size 14. Given the wailing that ensued from the first pair of too big jeans, I just tightened them (thank you person that invented the adjustable waist. You should receive the Nobel Peace Prize) and rolled them up.

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