Amazon made my day today and it’s kind of sad.

Middle age is strange. On one hand it is glorious. My children no longer require me to constantly stare at them to make sure they are still breathing when they sleep. They are capable of making their own breakfast so we can sleep late on the weekends. We can all ride the same roller coasters.

The down side is that I am now showing wrinkles around my mouth, although I have never smoked a day in my life. I cannot drop the 8 quarantine pounds I gained to save my life, mainly because my self-control flew out the window with my thirties. The things I shop for have even changed.

When I was a little girl, I imagined being a grown up. I always knew I wanted to get married and have children. Some kids dream of being policemen, high-powered businessmen, astronauts, etc. I thought it would be so glamorous to be a grown up.

Sometimes it can be, I suppose. Eric took me to Italy (insert sophisticated hair flip). We have traveled and gone to fancy parties and had the expensive dinners I always imagined. But then there are days like today that bring me back to earth.

One day I’m a little girl imagining my lovely future life and the next I am a 40-something person stalking the UPS man’s route for an Amazon purchase that I am beyond excited to receive. Finally, at 5:00 pm, the doorbell rang and I ran to front door and excitedly grabbed the envelope outside my front door. In a matter of seconds the contents of the package were in my hand and it was literally the best moment of my day……

You guys. I ran into my room and immediately remade my bed with these. I cannot wait to sleep tonight and the sheets not come off the mattress. I mean, my side always stays intact but Eric’s side does not. I also cannot wait for tomorrow morning when I make my bed with so much less effort than it took today.

After I made the bed, I realized how much my life had changed. I used to get a new bag or outfit on the weekends and that would thrill me to no end. Now I wait all day for clips to keep my sheets on my mattress.